Obie Trice Reflects On Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly’s Beef


Shady Records fans still hold Obie Trice in high regard, with his cult-favorite debut album Cheers hitting rotation whenever nostalgia kicks in. Though the Detroit rapper been relatively absent for a minute, Obie has been keeping busy behind the scenes, as both a family man and an artist. With a new album in the works, Obie recently took some time to chop it up with HipHopDX, opening up about his recent endeavors, and those of his former associates. “I tour when I can and make music along the way, that’s all,” he explains, explaining that his growing family remains his main priority. “I’m 41 years old so I make music and put it out when I feel like it. It’s no rush for me.”

Though his buzz isn’t quite what it once was, Obie is content to test the waters at his own pace. “I feel like I had an album done and I wanted to release it. I want to get back out here and see what the world think about it. That’s it,” he shares, which bodes well for those still invested in his sound. And while his new music is likely to please longtime fans, many still wonder about his relationship with Eminem. As such, the HipHopDX interviewer made sure to inquire about Em and MGK’s recent beef, which seemed to captivate the entire hip-hop world for a brief moment. 

Obie Trice Reflects On Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly's Beef

Scott Gries/Getty Images

“You know I’m going to always go with Eminem — period, point blank,” he reveals. “I will say that Machine Gun Kelly was probably the best record that I heard that ever dissed Eminem. He’s been in a lot of diss records with other people. I think that was probably the best one that came out.” Coming from Obie, who played a supporting role in both the Benzino and Murda Inc beefs, the opinion holds additional weight. 

“But as far as a controversial thing, definitely Marshall [Mathers]. I gotta go with the home front forever. You know, that’s forever. So, I’m a little biased. You might want to be asking somebody else that, but you know, it is what it is. It’s forever Shady for me.” Though he’s since parted ways with Em’s label, it’s clear he still looks back fondly on his triumphant run. Look for his new album, The Fifth, to surface on Friday August 23rd.