O.J. Simpson "Hypothetically" Had a Murder Accomplice


New information has come to light in the O.J. Simpson murder case. In a bone chill interview conducted some years ago, 12 to be exact, O.J confesses to knowing the details the case “better than anyone.” One significant detail has been made available prior to airing: O.J. infers having had an accomplice that evening.

Despite being acquitted in the double murder Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, the interview which will air on Sunday, March 11 creates a hypothetical account on the night’s events.

Fox had been sitting on this footage since 2006, but was forced to honour the rightful private convictions  the families the victims. The interview, conducted by Judith Regan, aims to “answer the questions that gripped a nation during the notorious ‘Trial the Century.’”

The paradox created by these indirect references goes against the initial stance the defence team. O.J. first claimed domestic discord, until the murder case escalated to a point where euphemistic language could no longer support the gravity the accusations.

The success O.J.: Made in America has breathed new life into the quandary. Furthermore, the question racial injustice in america has put new perspectives into place. Be sure to circle the 11th on your calendar.