NYPD Officers Confused Cremated Ashes For Heroin During Raid: Report


A Brooklyn family has been making some serious allegations against the New York City Police Department lately. Based on reports from the New York Post, the Santiago family were disturbed by “six or seven” officers in their Bushwick apartment for a surprise raid. Lucia Santiago was precisely taking a nap when she woke up and noted the officers. She recalls: “When I opened my eyes I saw . . . six or seven police [officers] in my room. They told me, ‘Get out of the bed.” Shortly thereafter, the officers placed Lucia, her son, and grandson in cuffs as they raided the home. The raid itself was fuelled by a tip which proclaimed that one of Lucia’s grandson was involved in a gun sale. As such, the officers kept requesting to know where “the guns and drugs” were. 

NYPD Officers Confused Cremated Ashes For Heroin During Raid: Report

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

As the search led to the cremated ashes of Lucia Santiago’s husband, who had died years ago of natural causes, the authorities snagged the capsules because they believed it contained heroin. “I said, ‘That’s the ashes of my husband,” further adds Santiago, to which an officer responded: “No, that’s drugs.” Quickly afterward, all present members of the Santiago family were charged with possession of a controlled substance and ammunition. Though, the charges were since dismissed. 

The family then tried to get the ashes back but were told it was possibly discarded. To make matters worse, it’s been a full year now and the family’s next course of action is to hit up the district attorney’s office in hopes the ashes from the city’s property. Of course, that is considering they are still there. Evidently, the NYPD messed up really badly.