NYPD Arrest Alleged Killer Of ‘Paid In Full’ Subject Alpo Martinez Following Hip Hop Support


The New York Police Department has been working diligently to find the suspect in the murder of former drug kingpin Alberto “Alpo” Martinez. Hip Hop culture remembers Alpo as the source of inspiration for Cam’ron’s character Rico in the 2002 cult film classic, Paid in Full.

According to a report by FOX 5 NY, the NYPD arrested 27-year-old Shakeem Parker who was accused of killing Alpo. Parker faces murder and weapons charges connected to the murder, and reports say Parker was already sitting in jail at Riker’s Island on a separate gun charge.


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Detectives working on the investigation alleged to have put the case pieces together, highlighting Parker as Alpo’s killer. The murder happened on October 31, 2021, while Alpo was driving around Harlem in a red Dodge Ram truck. The assailant shot Alpo five times in the chest through the car window and caused him to drive and crash into parked cars for another four blocks.

Alpo Martinez was released from prison in 2015 after serving time in connection with 14 murder counts and striking a deal in which he reportedly snitched on former associates. He then spent time in the federal witness protection program, living in Maine but returned to Harlem a month before his grizzly demise.

Brooklyn rapper Maino took to Instagram the night of Alpo’s death to seemingly celebrate the murder with a subliminal post. Maino posted a picture hours after the incident of slain Brooklyn drug dealer Domencio “Montana” Benson, whom Alpo allegedly killed before going to prison in 1991.

“Smiling Down Happy Halloween,” Maino wrote in the caption.

Uncle Murda also saluted Alpo’s killer during his final “Rap Up” yearly recap on January 1, 2021.

“I was smoking on that Alpo pack when I wrote this/Finally a nigga died out here for doing some hoe shit (Word!)/That’s what he get for ratting and killing a good nigga/Salute to whoever it was that pulled the trigger (Salute!)/We celebrated that’s a W for the streets/Finally the homie Rich Porter can Rest In Peace (finally!),” Uncle Murda rapped.