NYC is The Boyz’ Wonderland in ‘D.D.D’ Music Watch


The Big Apple is an overwhelming place sometimes, but in the music video for K-pop group The Boyz’ new song “D.D.D,” it gets a new, fantastical update. 

A sleek synth-pop dance track that explodes with The Boyz’ impassioned vocals while weaving in and out of tempo shifts, “D.D.D” -- which stands for the choral refrain of “dance, dance, dance” -- is an uplifting, funky tune for the summer. Released on Monday (Aug. 19) as the lead song from their fourth EP Dreamlike, it is the act’s second single of 2019 following April’s infectious “Bloom Bloom.”

The music video for “D.D.D” was filmed in New York City when The Boyz were in the area for KCON New York in July, and features a variety of iconic NYC shots interspersed with Alice in Wonderland-inspired scenes as a mysterious white rabbit and magical items make appearances. The dozen members of the boy band come together to play around while following the rabbit, and are also seen as a whole while performing pristine choreography that showcases their dynamic dance style. 

Watch the music video for The Boyz’ “D.D.D” below.