North West Poudly Belts Out "Poopy-Di Scoop" On The Mic During Coachella Soul Sunday


Soul Sunday’s have become a staple weekly practice that involves Kanye West and a crew of performers playing renditions of some of Ye’s best tracks for a soulful Sunday service. Slowly but surely North West’s presence has been the highlight of the event since the five-year-old hasn’t been shy when it comes to showing off her dance moves and stage presence for all to see. 

It seems as though North’s confidence gets better every week and since Kanye is at Coachella for this Sunday service, North has debuted her vocals on the mic for all to hear. In the clip below, you can see Kanye giving North the mic where she pulls it out of her dad’s hands and starts singing the lyrics to his track “Lift Yourself.” 

Of course, North’s lyrics of choice are “Poopy-Di Scoop” where she even asks her cousin Penelope to join in on laying down the lyrics. 

A while back Kanye talked about his kids and how they humble him in so many ways. 

“I can be the boss talking these Trump-level vogue quotes to my team and stuff, but [having kids] humbles you because I work for my daughter,” he said. “I work for my kids. I can’t talk them out of the way they feel, because they haven’t been programmed yet to know what’s right. They just know what they feel. I love that you see this reflection of yourself in your kids. I will say, I’ll never trust anybody that’s really rich and got no kids. Because they could be so extremely selfish. It’s really just about them.”