Noname Talks Pursuit Of A Coveted Drake Feature, Her Delayed Virginity & More


Noname for an in-studio interview session with resident Apple Music Beats 1 host Julie Adenuga, where they addressed issues such as losing her virginity at 25, her breast reduction surgery, the unexpected joys of a Drake concert, as well as the connections she tries to intimate with her fans.

On the topic of her experience at a Drake concert, Noname admits that she was dragged into almost against her will, but ultimately found it to be a charming affair. It all went down in the UK just as she’d completed a run of concerts in Europe. But out of nowhere, the conversation veered into personal territory with Julie Adenuga asking her what she gained from the forced experience.

Noname Talks Pursuit Of A Coveted Drake Feature, Her Delayed Virginity & More

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“I want … Actually, you know what? I don’t even want anything from Drake. Drake, he can have it all. He can have it all…Drake, if you’re listening right now, can I please get a feature?” she asked, in a beggar’s stance. “I am a struggling artist from Chicago I really need some money, Drake. Please help me. Summer Walker is cool, but rock with me. I’ve been out here since day one, 2010, getting it.”

As for her the issue of her chastity, Noname directed her interviewers’ curiosities towards the attention she gave the subject on her debut mixtape Telefone. “[Telefone] has made the whole world think I’m like, I’m this bubbly queen. I’m like, no. You need to know that I was sexually deprived for a really long part of my life. Really that’s where my fans, that’s where they come in. It’s just sympathy,” she answered Adenuga.

As I mentioned earlier, Noname also touches on the breast reduction surgery she underwent at a younger age, a procedure she reflects upon during the course of “Don’t Forget About Me” off her last project Room 25. Check out the full interview at your discretion (down below).