Noname Announces Title Of Her New Album


Last year, Noname’s Room 25 made for a universal critical success, landing just short of our own top 2018 Top 10 album list. Now, the acclaimed Chicago lyricist is looking to return for another round, coming through with some news on her upcoming new project. Though we don’t know much about the body of work as a whole, Noname has taken to Twitter to unveil the title of album: Factory Baby. The imagery-laden name will likely bring forth much in the way of thematic opportunity, evoking shades of Ralph Ellison’s classic novel Invisible Man. 

Noname Announces Title Of Her New Album

Rick Kern/WireImage/Getty Images

While we have yet to receive word about a release date, the fact that Noname already has a title bodes well for the future. Though perhaps it’s presumptuous to infer, Noname’s visionary status should be considered; if she has decided on a name that encapsulate’s the album’s primary themes, it’s likely that she has already put in serious work in building the project itself. Of course, that might simply be wishful thinking, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see news of Factory Baby beginning to arise in the imminent future. 

Are you looking forward to some new music from Noname?