NOFX Issues Apology For Vegas Remarks: 'We Made A Tasteless Joke'


The band also made a subtle dig at Roseanne Barr.

“I guess you only get shot in Vegas if you're in a country band,” Fat Mike NOFX said at the band's Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival set in Las Vegas in May. While the band is known for their controversial sense humor, the quartet was met with a wave backlash after their disparaging comments about the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. The lost the band a beer sponsorship and festival slot, and yesterday (June 3) the group issued an ficial apology.

“There's no place here to backpedal. What NOFX said in Vegas was shameful. We crossed the line civility,” the statement read. “All members the band would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who experienced loss from the Vegas shooting 8 months ago, and to anyone who was at our show who lost a loved one or a friend, or who had to witness the incredibly senseless violence that night.” 

The band added that they didn't feel they could “write a sincere apology without reflecting on the actual damage we had done.” They concluded: “We won’t blame it on drugs or alcohol or Ambien. That’s too easy. NOFX said it, and we own it. We made a tasteless joke.”

“We played a song about Muslims and didn't get shot!” Mike also said during the Vegas performance. As a wave boos erupted from the audience, he added, “I mean, that sucked, but at least they were country fans and not punk rock fans.”

The band was set to perform at the Camp Punk In Drublic Festival the following weekend. A representative for the festival told Billboard: “While NOFX is known for their dark, uncomfortable humor, the festival producers are shocked and disappointed by the band's recent statements.”