NLE Choppa Tried To Hand A Fade To A Cop: Watch


Nobody has wanted the fade this bad since that guy who wanted all the smoke with Tee Grizzley last year. Yet today, NLE Choppa has seemingly gone for broke in that department. Last night, the watchful eye of Akademiks posted a clip of Choppa’s latest antics, which found him challenging a police officer to a one-on-one duel. With the entire confrontation captured on video, one has to wonder if it can, and will, be eventually used against the young rapper. Especially given his position as the aggressor, at least on the surface. Still, he seems hardly concerned, as he proceeds to dole out challenges to a cop’s face.

NLE Choppa Tried To Hand A Fade To A Cop: Watch

Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

As the clip begins, Choppa explains that the officer rejected his offer for one-on-one fisticuffs. “It’s a new day and age bro,” replies the cop, but Choppa remains gung-ho. “On god, I’m jackin,” he says. The officer shrugs; he doesn’t understand that particular lingo. “Ain’t nobody going to record this, just me and you,” continues Choppa. The cop smiles. “You’ll be on TMZ man, me swinging you around by the ankles, bro.” 

“Nah, that gon’ be you gettin’ your teeth knocked out,” laughs Choppa, in response. At this point, both parties seem to be enjoying the trash-talk, although the tension remains palpable. Despite the initial hostilities, the cops eventually leave the scene, as Choppa serves up a few parting taunts. So Choppa’s tenacity and unforgiving nature have helped earn him a reputation as one of the game’s refreshing up-and-comers, it’s still scary to see him asking for trouble so brazenly.