NLE Choppa Releases “Gender Reveal” as a Tribute to His Son


NLE Choppa and his partner Marissa Da’Nae recently shared some heartbreaking news about the death of their baby son, Seven. NLE Choppa’s new song, “Gender Reveal,” is dedicated to the memory of Seven. It’s a memorial and a testament to their brief but wonderful relationship. Choppa raps about his unborn child, excited and protective:

“If it’s a girl, get ready for the tea parties
A girl, get ready for the pink barbies
A girl, make sure that her heart is guarded
Cause a girl, sometimes can become a target
If it’s a boy, make sure you and him play catch
If it’s a boy, make sure y’all have a talk about sex
If it’s a boy, make sure he treat a women with respect
Forgive forget never regret and protect.” 

You can hear the full single below.