Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Store Fenced Off On His 34th Birthday


It’s still hard to believe that Nipsey Hussle isn’t with us anymore. The rapper left us in late March after he was gunned down in front of the Marathon clothing store. Following his death, fans flooded to the Crenshaw/Slauson location where they left flowers and other memorabilia to commemorate his death. Fans made similar plans made for the rapper’s birthday but it looks like Los Angeles authorities are preventing that from happening.

Nipsey Hussle's Marathon Store Fenced Off On His 34th Birthday
Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to TMZ, The Marathon Clothing store has been barricaded off to prevent a public celebration of Nipsey’s birthday. Nip’s family have previously declined to have any sort of public celebration but the tabloid publication said that they will be holding a private gathering. The police were also warned about the possibility of a public gathering. Clearly, the fence was meant to keep fans from leaving things in front of the store. Apparently, there’s about to be nearly 100 police officers at Crenshaw/Slauson.

Nip’s Marathon clothing store has been subject to some controversy in recent times. Although the LAPD praised Nipsey following his death, the rapper’s name was listed in an investigation that was being conducted by the police. They said Nip wasn’t actually a target of the investigation but they were investigating the store. Los Angeles Officials have been under the belief that The Marathon Store was a center for gang activity in the area.