Nipsey Hussle’s Estate $32K Lawsuit Dropped: Report


As of now, we still wait for greater details on the custody battle between Nipsey Hussle‘ sister, Samantha Smith and the late rapper’s baby mother, Tanisha. Yet most recently, we reported on a lawsuit which was brought to Hussle’s estate by a music company claiming an unpaid debt. Precisely, Paramount Recording Group filed a creditors claim which alleged that both Nipsey and an unnamed party owed them thousands of dollars stemming from a 2012 judgment. The Blast originally reported the story, further detailing that the company sought $32K from the slain artist’s estate. The latter was considered to be the very first lawsuit brought against Nipsey Hussle’s estate. 

As such, an update has since been provided by The Blast. According to the news outlet, the lawsuit which was filed on May 13th was quickly withdrawn three days later on May 16th. The group which filed to acquire the exact amount of $31,764.97 from the estate recanted due to what we assume to be a speedy resolution. 

To note, Nipsey Hussle’s bother Blacc Sam previously motioned to become the administrator of Hussle’s estate. The reason for the former includes Blacc Sam having to care for incoming business opportunities and handling Nipsey’s affairs. And because the Victory Lap artist did not leave any will behind, the hip hop star’s property estimated at $2.035 million dollars requires an appropriate divider.