Nipsey Hussle’s Entrepreneurial And Financial Tips Are Compiled In New Book


Nipsey Hussle will be remembered as many things, but ‘an entrepreneur’ will likely be one of the most prominent titles ascribed to him. Aside from his successful music career, he was always trying to get his money right by pursuing various business ventures. Most importantly, the knowledge that he acquired on the road to financial flourishing was always something he wished to pass on, especially to his community. Nipsey didn’t see wealth as something to be horded, but something that could put you in a position to help as many people win as possible. 

For these reasons, he’d likely be thrilled to know that many of the tips he has shared on becoming fiscally responsible are being compiled into a book, titled Hu$$leNomics: Money, Ownership & Business Lessons Inspired by Nipsey Hussle + a Step by Step Guide on How to Implement Each Principle. The book is being written by Ash Cash, who has put on several books on financial coaching before. In an Instagram post promoting the book’s release, Ash Cash wrote, “Nipsey was a visionary, entrepreneur, community organizer, real estate investor, cryptocurrency enthusiast, activist, mentor, and so much more… Nipsey often preached about the Marathon and as you know in a marathon the baton is often passed to the next runner to pick up where the other left off… HussleNomics is that baton! Long Live Nipsey Hussle! This is just the beginning!”. 

The e-book is now available for free. Paperback editions are coming soon, the proceeds of which will go to one of Nipsey’s foundations. However, this book’s creation and distribution is not affiliated with Nipsey’s estate.