Nipsey Hussle’s Business Partner Claims L.A. Tried To Evict "The Marathon" Store


Although the city of Los Angeles championed Nipsey Hussle following his death, there’s also another side of his relationship with the city. During his memorial at the Staples Center, Nip’s brother revealed that the city of Los Angeles was trying to evict The Marathon Clothing Store from their Slauson and Crenshaw location. But apparently, the feud with the city didn’t end after they purchased the whole lot. In fact, things appeared to have gotten worse.

Nipsey Hussle’s business partner, David A. Gross, took to Instagram to reveal the longstanding battle that he, Nip, and Blacc Sam had with the city of Los Angeles over The Marathon store. He shared a letter sent to him from Deputy City Attorney Nancy Hagan who essentially tried to blame them over some of the issues in the Crenshaw district.

“The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office was trying to end us. Literally. They wanted to expel The Marathon Store from Slauson Plaza. No doubt, if Nipsey was alive they’d still be stalking it, after doggedly pursuing him, his brother, his team and his businesses for damn near a decade. To no avail,” he wrote. “So the City Attorney then came at me. And then sent the cops at me. And ultimately tried to leverage the press against me by leaking docs and emails to the NYtimes to smear us, and make our ownership of the lot seem like the problem in the Crenshaw District.” 

He further explained that the issues they presented ultimately screwed up business plans. Peep the whole post below.