Nipsey Hussle’ Sister Motions For Guardianship Of His Daughter Emani


Recent reports by The Blast indicated that the rapper’s sister, Samantha Smith, is petitioning to acquire legal guardianship of Nipsey’s daughter, Emani. The latter was to ensure that the 10-year old “can continue to live with family members with whom she has always had close ties.” Furthermore, legal documents tied to the petition allege that Emani Asghedom was living with her father before his untimely death. However, Smith’s motion fails to consider the existing custody agreement set between Hussle and his baby mother, Tanisha.

Nipsey Hussle' Sister Motions For Guardianship Of His Daughter Emani

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Reportedly, Samantha Smith put forth the guardianship request without notifying Emani’s mother. The motivation underlying the aforementioned move, as sources in talks with The Blast mentioned, revolves around the birth mother being unable to provide a stable environment for Emani. However, in the event Tanisha decides to fight the petition, she may be legally entitled to do so. And if she were to, the latter could result in Tanisha motioning for child support from Nipsey’s estate which would then be a costly amount considering the recent surge in music sales and clothing merchandise purchases

For now, Emani’s mother does not appear to have set forth anything in return. Her social media account hints at a considerable involvement in her daughter’s life and an amicable relationship with the father even after his death.