Nipsey Hussle Reveals What Belly & Einstein Have In Common On "Rate The Bars"


BET’s Rate The Bars has been a consistent source weekly entertainment, and today’s installment features none other than Nipsey Hussle. With Victory Lap currently enjoying a solid run on the charts, Nipsey took some time to play the judge jury and executioner to his contemporaries and colleagues. From the jump, Nipsey Hussle is quick to show love to one the West Coast’s more underrated emcees, Xzibit, over his bars on “California Vacation.” Perhaps the obvious West Coast references triggered Nipsey’s hometown bias, but let’s be honest – Xzibit has some heat in the stash. 

Nipsey seems particularly impressed by Belly‘s LA Leakers freestyle bars, coming through with an in depth analysis on what makes them so effective. “Even if you think about Einstein, why is Einstein a genius?” ponders Nipsey. “Cause he understood how to express a really complex idea, into E=mc2. To me that represents high intelligence, when you can express a complex idea in a simple way.” 

He seems caught f guard by Tech N9ne‘s masochistic lyrics on the track “I Am A Psycho.” After reading about how Tech enjoys pouring scalding hot water on his balls, Nipsey can’t help but laugh. “That’s graphic…That’s some good word play, rated R for sure.” For more from Nipsey, be sure to check out the full video below.