Nipsey Hussle Fans Rally To Get Blue Crayola Crayon Named After Rapper


Crayola once made a public announcement, looking to get some ideas and suggestions for naming its newest blue crayon. The stunning new colour was debuted to the world on Twitter back in 2017, but it seems as though fans have found the old tweet and are now rallying for an official name change in honour of Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey Hussle Fans Rally To Get Blue Crayola Crayon Named After Rapper
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

One Twitter user praised all the fans for their efforts in having the Crayon named after Nipsey, while kindly reminding everyone it’s old news. “Guys, Listen up. This energy is great & it should be called Nipsey Blue. However, you guys have been duped into recycling old news. They already named this color, they chose “Bluetiful”. We’ll just have to honor Nipsey in other ways like supporting our fellow black kings & queens.”

In other Nipsey news, The Game recently took to Instagram, with one of him many Nipsey tributes, detailing how his affiliation with Nipsey cost him some vital gang connections.

“I had to explain daily to my homies, how it was bigger than Compton, bigger than LA & that having that state of mind would only get us so far in this shit,” he wrote. “My n***as that stayed down with me saw my vision come into fruition & the n***as who didn’t get it then & still don’t now are somewhere mad & bitter as fuck with nothing but hate in their heart because we kept it moving & made our union BIGGER THAN LIFE.”