Nikki Bella Ran Away From Artem Chigvinstev On Their First Date


Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvinstev are going strong in their relationship but their first date from back in December of 2018 didn’t start off as perfect as you would think. The Total Bellas star recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight and explained how she and Artem hit up a farmer’s market in Studio City on their first date but she quite literally ran away and ditched him. 

Nikki Bella Ran Away From Artem Chigvinstev On Their First Date
Rich Fury/Getty Images

“So Artem and I are, like, looking at vegetables — and I honestly think he was picking up tomatoes — and I see a paparazzi in this corner, and one in the other corner and I just freaked,” she explained. “I walked away from him, all the way to my car that was parked at Von’s and I drove off. And poor Artem, all of a sudden I get a text like, ‘Uhh, where did you go?’ I didn’t even say anything.”

Artem even explained the ordeal from his perspective. “I’m [with] a basket of vegetables, just standing there, thinking, ‘Did she [go] somewhere? What happened?’ And I’m seeing, like, a shadow crossing the road and almost running. So I’m like, ‘Did I do something wrong?'”

It’s safe to say the couple has moved past such awkward exits and Nikki says her man “balances [her] in all the right ways.”

“I get so busy and get into hustler mode so much and Artem just literally, and this is such a weird analogy, but he does make me stop and smell the roses,” said. “He makes me enjoy life in such a simple way and I love it.”