Nicky Romero Has 'Two Folders of Avicii Music,' But Will He Put It Out?


It's hard for all us when a beloved musician dies, but it's even harder being a friend and collaborator in possession unreleased material. The world clamors for more from an artist whose catalog has been unceremoniously ended, but if you really care about your late friend's legacy, you must be careful.

Nicky Romero understands that struggle. He has “two folders” unreleased material from his friend Avicii. The “Wake Me Up” producer died from apparent suicide in April, and people are hungry to hear what he had been working on. As Romero explained in a recent interview, that might not be something fans can expect anytime soon.

“I do have two folders full Avicii songs and ones that im supposed to work on,” Romero says. “There is people that approached me if I want to work on those songs and if I want to maybe put them out with them. I don't know if it morally feels right to me to be able to work on songs that the original composer have not approved. I know Avicii was really a perfectionist, and I kind feel bad if I put something out not knowing if he really wants to put it out. So, that's kind what holds me back out respect for him.”

Watch the clip in full, shared on Twitter, below.