Nicki Minaj’s Social Media Absence Explained


Nicki Minaj's Social Media Absence Explained

Nick Minaj hasn't posted anything on social media in 2018.

Given how obsessed she had been with documenting her life and her breasts on Instagram and the rest this struck folks as odd and possibly concerning.

Lil Duval spoke for many when he speculated that Nicki's absence may have to do with a fresh round plastic surgery.

But that's not what her peeps are saying. Sources tell TMZ Nicki ditched social because she wants all her focus on her music and her upcoming album.  "She's just been in beast mode working on making her next album a masterpiece," reports the gossip site.

They add that she's been in the studio day and night with Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, and other Young Money acts.

Do you expect a "masterpiece" from Nicki?

Nicki Minaj's Social Media Absence Explained