Nicki Minaj Uses Astrology To Prove Her New Relationship Is Legit


defended her new man as each flip. Since then, Onika got here via with some proof of her compatibility with the notorious Kenneth Petty. If haters nonetheless have any doubt in regards to the couple's fairytale potential, they'll now consult with their astrological indicators. The "Chun Li" rapper, who's a Sagittarius, shared a compatibility profile to Instagram. 

"The relationship between the 2 will probably be stuffed with enthusiasm, ardour, and journey. Both of them will complement one another in nearly each approach and there will probably be a light-weight playfulness within the love match. The vitality ranges of each, an Aries in addition to a Sagittarius, are fairly excessive and neither of them will probably be required to subdue their enthusiasm within the slightest bit. Sagittarius won't ever ever really feel threatened by the aggressiveness of Aries and Aries will add to the strenth of Saggitarius. Both of them want their particular person house and can let the opposite particular person have their freedom. In this relationship, nobody will rule the opposite. One particular person will assist the opposite in combating powerful instances and can by no means let the opposite really feel too low about failures. They will stand by one another, no matter be the state of affairs."

That final sentence does appear fairly legit. Nicki's caption agrees with the entire description in her caption. "Every single phrase simply described what this seems like," she wrote. "On GOD. Every phrase - CONSTANT LAUGHING, PASSION, LIFTING EACHOTHER UP, COMPLEMENT EACHOTHER IN EVERY WAY, GIVE EACHOTHER FREEDOM, provides to my energy, I really like that aggressiveness, neither of us ever must subdue our enthusiasm. Unspoken understanding"