Nicki Minaj Sued By Stylist Who Says Rapper Stiffed Her For $40K


Nicki Minaj has recently wrapped the European leg of her successful, yet challenging, “Nicki WRLD Tour,” and the rapper may be coming home to the U.S. to face a legal battle. Yesterday Minaj hinted on Instagram that she may have an upcoming collection with Fendi premiering soon, the Queen Barb reportedly has stylist issues of a different caliber on the court front.

According to The Blast, back in 2017, Minaj allegedly hired a stylist by the name of Cristina Acevedo to accompany her on a U.S. tour. In court documents obtained by the publication, Acevedo’s contract stipulated that she would make $1,500 per day to style the New York rapper, but when payday came, Acevedo claims she didn’t receive a dime.

Nicki Minaj Sued By Stylist Who Says Rapper Stiffed Her For $40K
Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

The two apparently linked up because of their adoration of “colorful wigs” and “flamboyant outfits.” Acevedo states that she worked overtime for the artist, pulling over 10 hours a day for the 24 days she was on the road with the rapper. The stylist further says that when she finally was able to get in contact with Minaj to get her check, Acevedo received an email from the rapper that said, “No one is paying you 36 thousand dollars,” adding, “Send an email with some sense or don’t send any others. This isn’t your get rich quick scheme.” Acevedo also states that Minaj closed her email with, “girl, goodbye.”

The stylist reportedly doesn’t know why Minaj and her team are opposed to paying her because they all agreed on the day rate before Acevedo went on the road. She’s filed a lawsuit to the tune of $43,200 and is also asking for damages. Minaj, Pink Friday Productions, and Pink Personality, Inc. are all reportedly named in the lawsuit.