Nicki Minaj Slams Twitter User For Saying She’s Too Grown To Party With Fivio Foreign


Nicki Minaj clapped back at a Twitter user who accused her of being too grown to be partying it up in the streets with rappers. The comment came after the Pinkprint rapper posted a video to her socials that showed her celebrating Fivio Foreign’s birthday.

“I wish she’d move on from this lifestyle this isn’t you anymore Nicki,” wrote the Twitter user. Nicki was quick to bite back and remind the user that they need to stop creating their own perception of her.

“Tell me you don’t know anything about Nicki Minaj w/o telling me,” the “Super Bass” lyricist wrote on Twitter. “Ppl rlly create their own perception of you then tell you not to be you. Girl eat shit please. Thank you. out of all the 3 wishes a bitch get a bitch using 1 wish to tell me not to be who I’ve ALWAYS fuckng been.”

She added, “My whole AUTHENTIC come up is fully documented for the world to see. YouTube is free I think still. Y’all want me 2b some rich RNB singer/pop star so bad. (well not the smart ppl) they know my story. 1 thing u can never change is ur story. I can&will only be me. Take it or [leave].”

Another Twitter user questioned the aforementioned user’s intentions, asking why they didn’t want a black woman “hanging out with other black men from the same background she’s from.”

“Other races can do it tho,” Nicki wrote. “Ppl rlly make up an imaginary ‘you’ in their head. Shit wild,” she added in a separate tweet.

Fivio and Nicki had many reasons to celebrate the other night. Not only was it Fivio’s birthday, but the duo also dropped their collaborative track “We Go Up” on Friday (March 25), which already has surpassed a million views on YouTube.

“Can y’all please let me enjoy the moment? Please?” Nicki wrote in closing on Twitter.

Check out “We Go Up” below.