Nicki Minaj Shows First Wedding Present & Teases Imminent Ceremony


Nicki Minaj has been teasing her big wedding for the last couple of months. She and Kenneth Petty exchanged vows after copping a marriage license but they fully intend on having a lavish ceremony to celebrate their love. The exact timeline for when Nicki and Kenny expect to hold the event is still unknown but, according to the Queen’s new social upload, the big day might get pushed up for all the wrong reasons.

The rapper is releasing a new song with Karol G tonight, announcing the track with a video teaser several hours ago. She shifted her attention back onto her personal life just now though, showing off one of the wedding gifts that Republic Records sent over to her crib. The flower display smells out “N <3 K” in white and gold roses, making for a lovely decoration in their home. Considering the fact that Nicki is moving into a new spot with her man soon though, she’s down to move her wedding ceremony up in order to fill up the house with expensive gifts.

“Getting this gift makes me wanna move my big wedding up just so I can get gifts for when I move into my new home,” hilariously said Nicki in her video. “A part of me hates the whole wedding thing cuz I think these things have become more about IG & showing off than they are about the love & the union. But a part of me says do it & get mad gifts.”

The newly-married couple just wants their gifts. What would you get them?