Nicki Minaj Sends A Message To Haters Atop Her Boyfriend’s Lap


Nicki’s had herself quite the eventful weekend. Not only did she release her highly anticipated song with Megan Thee Stallion and Ty Dolla $ign, “Hot Girl Summer,” this weekend – which snagged them the title of first-ever female rap collaboration to hit the top spot on the iTunes USA chart – but she also had an iconic live session with Thee Stallion, in which she was the first-ever person to “drive the boat” for Meg, instead of the other way around. The two continued their antics all weekend, as they shot their music video for the insanely popular song, sharing more than a few behind-the-scene pics for the world to enjoy. But as always, haters stay lurking and pounce in moments like these hoping to burst your bubble, and it’s no secret that Nicki has her share of haters (as does literally every single person achieving their dreams in this life) ready to be bitter because she’s doing well. Nicki took to the Gram to address said haters, delivering the message alongside a picture of her perching carefree and ass-out atop her boyfriend’s lap. 

“S/O to #BlackGirlTragic I mean black girl magic. Never forget there r 7 billion ppl in the world but u choose to interrupt ur important life to go on another black girl page to project ur own insecurities. #KissMyAssAndMyAnus 👅👅👅,” said the “MEGATRON” rapper, before shouting out her supportive fans: “S/O TO MY BAD BTCHS THO‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️” Haters stay hating, and it’s not going to bring Nicki down any time soon. In other Nicki news, you can tune in to her Queen Radio show this Monday, where she’ll be bringing on none other than Thee Stallion herself as a guest.