Nicki Minaj Seems To Be Counting Down Towards Something On Twitter


The second the clock struck midnight on New Years, Nicki Minaj was no where to be found… atleast on social media. Over the past week, we’ve seen more Nicki Minaj in the public than we have since the beginning on 2018. Reports said that she was holding f on social media until her album is done. Last week, she made her first public appearance as she was spotted at LAX. While that was enough to make fans excited, yesterday, she quickly tweeted and deleted, “4.” While the first tweet didn’t give much context, she may have just gave us another clue towards something.

Nicki Minaj, once again, sent another cryptic tweet out into the universe before swiftly deleting it. This time, it was the number “3.” At this point, Nicki MInaj is counting down towards something. Whether it’s the release new music or her formal return to social media, it has people hella excited. However, whatever she’s counting down towards isn’t confirmed, it looks like we’ll find out in three days. 

Of course, the Twittersphere had their own conclusions to what this possibly meant. A lot people are glad to hear from Nicki while others are convinced that we’ll be getting new music from her, which doesn’t seem far fetched at all. Either way, her social media activity is promising enough. Many are also citing that her countdown lands on Friday the 13th and tied together her bar from “My Chick Bad” by Ludacris. “Friday the 13th and guess who’s playing Jason?” 

Peep the screenshot and reactions below.