Nicki Minaj Says Jokes About Her Body by Lil Wayne Was Part of Her Decision to Get Butt Injections


Nicki Minaj gave a ton of insight into her life and career while speaking with Joe Budden. One of the topics she dived into was her decision to get “ass shots.” Minaj revealed the decision was made after hanging around Lil Wayne.

“Wayne would have a new chick in the studio every session, so it was always a new big booty,” Minaj said. “They were his muses. I wanna make sure I don’t downplay [the women] because they have a big part in the journey of a rapper’s career.”

She would add that hearing jokes about her body would also lead to receiving the shots. “I was around them all the time,” she added. “All I would hear them talking about is bug butts. I didn’t feel complete or good enough.”

“When you say certain things around women you can’t take them back.”

You can hear here in the clip below, along with the full conversation.