Nicki Minaj Has To "Get Into Some Thangz" On Upcoming Queen Radio Episode


Nicki Minaj‘s ever-controversial Queen Radio has birthed some truly wild moments. From her tirade against Travis Scott to her episode with Joe Budden, anytime Nicki Minaj gets on the air, it’s undoubtedly worth listening to. And if you missed it, don’t worry — Twitter will cover you on the recap.

Nicki took to Instagram where she announced that she’ll be hosting a new episode of Queen Radio this weekend. While she’s been relatively quiet on the music tip recently, this could very well mean that she might have some exciting news about what she has up her sleeve. However, she did mention that there are some things that she will need to address. “Who wants a new #QueenRadio this Friday?! Cuz chile I needz tuh get into some thangz,” she wrote. She later told fans to vote on whether they want it on Friday or on Saturday.

There’s a lot that’s happened since the last episode of Queen Radio. Recently, she and her husband Kenneth Petty have been reported to have gotten married already, although they haven’t had a wedding. She also announced her retirement which doesn’t seem like it’s a thing anymore.

What we could also hopefully expect is a status on the song, “New Body” she had with Kanye West. Last we heard, Ye tried to make it a gospel song for Jesus Is King but clearly, it didn’t make the cut.

Nicki Minaj Has To "Get Into Some Thangz" On Upcoming Queen Radio Episode