Nicki Minaj Forgives Quavo For Conspiring Against Her


Quavo caught the ire Nicki Minaj this past week for his supposed involvement in a conspiracy to repress her. The news came to light during the broadcast her interview with Zane Lowe on Thursday, and was later fleshed during a Twitter exchange with her followers.

Nicki felt that Quavo and Cardi were colluding against her, and cited the recording process their single “Motorsport” as a prime example their connivance. Apparently Quavo had asked her to cut out her singing part and to shorten her verse. She felt his request was made in order to even up the odds, with Cardi B essentially creating the more memorable couplet the two: 

“I’m the trap Selena
¡Dame más gasolina!” 

Her forgiveness was provisional on Quavo’s apology and he did just that. Nicki Minaj announced their truce over Twitter early this morning. The subsequent action her devoted fans forced Quavo into a fetal position forgiveness. In the days following claims conspiracy, hundreds Nicki Minaj fans swarmed Quavo’s comment section on IG. On the other hand, Cardi B remains an adversary hers for as long as she plays keep away.