Nicki Minaj & Drake’s Alleged Beef Explained By DJ Akademiks


Oh boy… For the last few weeks, DJ Akademiks has been going off on Nicki Minaj for her alleged “clown” behavior. He was back at it during a recent live-stream when he brought up his issues with the Queen once more, bringing 6ix9ine, Meek Mill and Drake into the mess as well.

If you’re not up on game, here’s the rundown. Last week, Ak started claiming that Nicki Minaj was sending him threatening messages in his inbox, asking where he was at and claiming that she had sent him death threats. In this latest update, Akademiks can be seen and heard discussing the situation at length in vlog-style, claiming that she begged 6ix9ine to get a feature spot on “FEFE” and, more interestingly, pointing out the origins of her alleged beef with Drake.

Nicki Minaj & Drake's Alleged Beef Explained By DJ Akademiks
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

As you surely know, both Minaj and Drizzy were part of Young Money Entertainment, blowing up as Lil Wayne‘s mentees. During the time Nicki was romantically involved with Meek Mill, Ak recalls a time where the two allegedly went shopping at a high-end clothing store and when Meek attempted to pay for their order in cash, he realized he didn’t have enough on him and asked Minaj to pay with her card. According to Ak, Nicki then separated their items and only paid for her stuff, leaving Meek to handle the rest. Before walking out of the store, she allegedly told Meek that “Drake wouldn’t do that shit.” All of this information apparently comes from a very trusted inside source that Akademiks knows. 

As Meek Mill was leaving the shop, he reportedly tweeted out a message asking nobody to ever compare him to Drake again, which kicked off their “Twitter fingers” beef. 

According to the internet personality, he wishes Minaj would challenge him on that fact because plenty of other popular figures have heard the same story. Because of this, Minaj and Drake have noticeably distanced themselves in recent years, collaborating much less and rarely making mention about one another.

Do you believe Ak’s story or do you think he’s capping? Watch below at the 35:50 mark.