Nicki Minaj Comes Out of Retirement to Drop Some Fiery Verses on PnB Rock’s ‘Fendi’


The rappers teamed up for Pnb Rock’s latest single, which also features Murda Beatz.

Nicki Minaj isn't done just yet: Three weeks after announcing that she'd be retiring from music to start a family, the "Chun-Li" star reminded fans she's a rap legend with a fierce verse on PnB Rock's "Fendi."

The Philly rapper's opulent single arrived on Thursday (Sept. 26), less than 12 hours after it was initially announced. Along with pulling Nicki out of retirement, PnB also managed to recruit Murda Beatz to produce the lavish track.

Minaj's voice is the first one we get to hear, as she shouts out Murda and PnB, also asserting that "Fendi" is her favorite song. Rock speedily croons through the raunchy chorus and a verse about drowning his love interest in designer attire — mostly Fendi, of course. 

The Queens native takes the baton and continues the love affair with her haute couture brand of choice. Minaj then touches on her relationship with boyfriend Kenneth "Zoo" Petty — with whom Minaj is seemingly looking to have kids, as she said she's retiring to have a family — declaring that he'll continue to seduce her even when she's not trying to dress the part. "I don't even look y/ But he still tryna me/ Ain't gotta get all done up for my dude/ My attitude is the baddest thing that's on me, boo," she raps.

Listen to "Fendi" below.