Nicki Minaj Attacks Fans In The Comments After Sitting On Her Boyfriend’s Lap


If ever you feel like berating Nicki Minaj in her comments section, you might want to think twice. The superstar rapper is well-known for taking time out of her day to school the haters on what they’re doing wrong. She’s been accused of stopping bags and chewing out reporters in their private messages but this time, she went after several fans for their unnecessary opinions.

You know what they say — if you’ve got nothing nice to say, then you should be saying nothing at all. Nicki’s haters didn’t follow that rule and thus, Minaj felt compelled to snap right back at them, reading them to filth in the comments. When one woman told the rapper that nobody is actually hating on her but that she’s simply “lost,” Onika visited her profile and laughed for five minutes straight, adding an exclamation point to her clap back with a “#BlackGirlTragic” hashtag. A second fan got the smoke too after noting that Kenneth Petty, her boyfriend, looks like a prop in the background. “And u look ugly even with a filter,” said the Queen, viciously tearing down the hater.

Once again, if you plan on crossing the Queen, you should probably do so in private. Will you be tuning into her new episode of Queen Radio this week?