Nicki Minaj Almost Set Off "Pinkprint 2" Rumors By Accident


Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio album is currently without a title, but a coincidental choice words could have been misunderstood as an announcement had Nicki not given it a second thought. According to Minaj, the spoken intro to her new music video for “Chun-Li” originally contained a phrase where she said “Architecture only I have the Pinkprint to.” Knowing her fans, who have been anticipating the title for some time and are quick to piece what little information they have together, Minaj foresaw her Barbies taking “Pinkprint to” as “Pinkprint 2,” and assuming the new album was a proper sequel to 2014’s The Pinkprint. She changed the line to “Architecture only I have the Pinkprint for,” just to be safe.

After letting fans know why she’d changed the line on Twitter, they quickly agreed they would have jumped to conclusions. “You know us too well,” wrote one fan retweeted by Nicki. However, others playfully speculated that Nicki could be playing the long game by throwing fans f the scent. “maybe it is and you’re playing us,” wrote one user, to which another fan replied, “that is some shit she would do.”

In another tweet, Nicki said she freestyled the intro to the video “half sleep” while sitting beside her editor.

It seems that Nicki will be holding on to the real title for the foreseeable future. When a fan with the handle @HeyItsMikeyx demanded that Nicki reveal the name, she trolled them, writing, “Its “Mikey”.  The next album is called “Hey it’s Mikey”.” Of course, this isn’t the first time the rapper has announced a fake title as a joke.

Watch the video for “Chun-Li” below. Nicki’s still-untitled fourth studio album is expected later this year.