Nicki Minaj Agrees With Birdman Saying She's The Best Female Rapper


Nicki Minaj hasn’t been in the public eye since the start 2018. Reports have claimed that she’s maintaining a low prile while she’s working on her forthcoming album. The yet-to-be announced album has been in the works for a minute and everyone’s curious as to which direction she’ll be going in. Most people are expecting her to come through with a hard hitting project that focuses on her bars rather than her pop music. Nicki’s proven to be a wordsmith but we’ve yet to get that album from her that sets it in stone. Despite that, she still feels like she’s the best female rapper in the game.

Nicki Minaj was spotted for the third time in public this year at LAX. Of course, she was flooded by paparazzi including TMZ who managed to get a very subtle interaction out her. Nicki Minaj doesn’t really have to say much to say a lot and her recent run in with TMZ confirmed that. While walking through the airport, they asked her if she agreed with Birdman saying that she’s the best female rapper in the game. She responded with a thumbs up while someone in the background is heard saying, ” course she is, bro!”

Being the best female rapper in the game is debatable to a lot people, it’s hard to argue that there’s a bigger female rapper aside from Nicki. Most recently, it was reported that she’s the first female rapper to ever move over five million units per album.