Nickelodeon’s "All That" Reboot Introduces It’s New Cast


Back in February, it was announced that Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell would be rebooting and executively producing All That. The Nickelodeon presented show was a big one in the 90’s that was a Saturday Night Live for kids, with sketches and recurring bits beloved by children and teens. The reboot is now closer than ever to debuting since PEOPLE has since announced the new cast. 

Reece Caddell, Chinguun Sergelen, Gabrielle Green, Nathan Janak, Kate Godfrey, Ryan Alessi, and Lex Lumpkin are the new kids aged 12 to 15 that will drop off up-to-date comedy sketches and impersonations of today’s popular celebrities.

The show will premiere on June 15th and the Jonas Brothers are set to perform as the first musical guests. “For us to see the new kids going through what we went through and experiencing the beginning and know what’s to come for them — it’s so cool to see their faces experiencing it all,” Kel Mitchell told the publication. “I’m excited that I’m there to give advice. God made me ready for this.”

As for the advice he has for the kids, it’s this: “Know who you are and know that this is job. Know that you’re going to work. The show is not the thing that makes you special. You’re already special. I wanted them to know that you are already special.”