Nick Murphy Plays His Guitar (And Our Hearts) Like a Violin in ‘Message You at Midnight’: Watch


Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page blew the world's collective mind when he played his guitar with a violin bow. The technique produces a haunting sort of electric moan, and while Page used it to frantic effect, Australian one-mand band Nicky Murphy uses his guitar bow to create a compelling sense of anxiety and constant yearning in the live performance clip of his single "Message You at Midnight."

The nearly eight-minute track is a droning dose of solemn beauty, backed by a constant hum of wavering synth sounds. The noise rings like the hypnotic warble of a Tibetan singing bowl as Murphy gives an arresting performance in an empty church. The song's simple minimalism and hushed intimacy pulls at your soul, and the filmed performance, captured by Kyle Keese, makes it even more arresting.

"Message You at Midnight" is the second single from Murphy's forthcoming LP Run Fast Sleep Naked, co-produced by Dave Harrington and due April 26. It was written and recorded during four years of international touring using a solo microphone in whatever spaces left the artist most inspired. It centers on themes of self-examination and is greatly inspired by Joseph Campbell’s and his theory of the artist as a shaman in modern society. Watch the mesmerizing live rendition of "Message You at Midnight" below.