Nick Jonas Reveals Jonas Brothers Secrets and Talks Broadway Beginnings in 'Unboxing': Watch


Any Nick Jonas fan knows the 25-year-old got his start on Broadway and went through his teens as a member the heartthrob sibling trio the Jonas Brothers. Now that he's doing his own thing, releasing sexier music (like the new Robin Schulz collaboration "Right Now") and diving into more serious acting roles -- oh, and planning a wedding with Priyanka Chopra -- Billboard wants to "unbox" Jonas' past.

Billboard presents a brand-new series called Unboxing, in which stars open mystery boxes containing meaningful objects from their past and share stories based on the memories that are triggered. Nick Jonas was the first to participate in the latest series, and it resulted in some pretty entertaining tales.

"You must have called my mom for some this stuff, this is rich," Jonas jokes as he opens his first box, containing the playbill, an ornament, tickets, a backstage pass and a photo from his first Broadway play he was in: A Christmas Carol with Frank Langella. He played Scrooge at 8, but was also the understudy for Tiny Tim, which resulted in his first-ever forgotten line onstage.

"After the show, I expected the conductor] to come up to me and tell me that I had failed," Jonas recalls. "Instead, he said, 'This happens, this is live theater. You'll do better next time.' Which became an important thing for me to hear because later on in my life and career, I've had many moments where I've messed up. But it was back to this moment that shaped who I became."

Coincidentally, one the other items Jonas was surprised with during Unboxing involved another mishap, this time, on his brother's behalf. Jonas Brothers fans are very familiar with the bros' performance "S.O.S." at the 2007 American Music Awards, during which Joe tripped right into a pile broken glass. Nick apparently still gets a kick out that moment to this day, and had a few fun stories to share about the embarrassing -- yet career-defining -- moment.

"As we're walking f the stage, Joe] had blood on his knee in his white suit. Beyoncé was there and she said, 'Great job.' So Beyoncé watched Joe fall," Jonas says with a smile. "In that moment, he wasn't really able to hear the compliment, but I think it says something, you know? Every performer falls."

Though he made it clear that Joe's fall was not planned (despite the fact that it actually did help boost album sales), Nick revealed that there was a moment the performance that was part the shtick.

What was it? Watch the first episode Unboxing to find out -- and hear other stories from Nick Jonas above.