Nick Foles’ Wife Suffers Tragic Miscarriage After Contracting Pneumonia


Earlier this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars issued a statement saying that Nick Foles would not be at the team’s workout this week due to a family issue. Last night, Foles’ wife Tori went on Instagram to shed light on what the family had been going through and why Foles wasn’t able to be amongst his teammates.

Tori was pregnant with the couple’s second child and on Sunday, she fell ill with a virus and ended up going into sudden labor. Foles was only 15 weeks pregnant at the time and ended up losing their child. She posted a lengthy caption on Instagram thanking the doctors for their work while also shedding more light on the tragedy that occurred.

“Early Sunday morning after a rough couple days fighting a “virus” of some sort, I went into sudden labor and knew something was wrong,” Tori wrote. “Not long after we learned we had miscarried our baby boy. To fully labor and deliver and even see our baby boy was a pretty devastating process. Come to find that I had contracted an infection of pneumonia in the blood.”

Nick took to his Instagram story to show love to his wife, saying “Tori has written a beautiful heartfelt post explaining what we have gone through this last week. We are grateful for all the love, support and prayers.”

Prayers up to Nick Foles and his family during these trying times.