Nick Cannon Shares Kanye West Anecdote That Has Stuck With Him Forever


When he’s not spending time with his toddler Chicago or reportedly making music in Wyoming, you may catch him at your local Applebee’s wilding out. Pigeons & Planes have introduced their new YouTube show Delete Your History and recent guest Nick Cannon shared an unforgettable story about Kanye West that has stuck with him to this day. 

Thinking back to his earlier days, Nick noted that around the time Kanye was about to win his first ever Grammy award, he was speaking to a classroom with Ye at USC. At that point in his career, Nick describes him as “the weird dude that nobody knew that wore funny clothes.” During their lecture, Pablo would say something that would forever be engrained in Nick Cannon’s mind. Detailing it as a “genius” moment where everybody instantly understood what he was about, Kanye said, “Yo, you ever be at Applebee’s, right fam? You be at Applebee’s and there’s somebody over there making mad noise. And you try to tell them to calm down and they be like ‘No, it’s my birthday. I’ma make noise because it’s my birthday!'” says Cannon in his best impression the Chicagoan. The actor continued, quoting, “I’m living every day like it’s my birthday, fam. It’s my birthday!” Apparently, the class began a slow clap immediately after the story was told, finally understanding his aura.

This is nothing new from Kanye as he’s previously stated that the one thing he wants most out life is ‘dopeness.’ As the transcription does not do Nick Cannon’s Kanye impression justice, check out the video below for the full story.