New ‘Rocketman’ Featurette Shows the Creation of Elton John’s Wardrobe for the Biopic


When fans think of pop icon Elton John, one of the first things that comes to mind is the star’s eccentric fashion sense. Over the course of his five-decade career, the superstar has sported some truly extravagant costumes. So how will Rocketman, the upcoming biopic following the singer’s early life, interpret his fashion?

In a new featurette, fans get a look behind the scenes at how the star’s wardrobe was treated for the film. Actor Taron Egerton, who plays John in the new film, said settling into the star’s iconic clothing was one of the most fun parts of filming. “I have found the process of inhabiting Elton John and his wardrobe incredibly liberating,” he said.

The clip introduces Julian Day, the film’s costume designer, who said it was hugely important for him to capture the essence of the singer, while not necessarily completely copying his clothing. “What we talked about was using the basis of Elton’s clothes to create our own look for him,” Day said.

One moment in the video shows the creation of a look for John’s Yellow Brick Road album in the movie, inspired by The Wizard of Oz, including ruby slippers, a lion-esque fur coat, a scarecrow-style straw hat and a tin-colored shirt. John himself even weighs in, saying that the costume is one of the most important aspects of his live performance. “When I do a show, even now, 20 minutes before I go on, I choose my outfit,” John said. “Until then, I don’t become Elton. And then when I put my outfit on, I’m in the part.”

Rocketman opens in theaters May 31. Check out the new featurette below: