New Music Friday: Six of This Week’s Best Tracks From Wave Racer, Booka Shade & More


New Music Friday is intense. Hundreds of songs drop from artists around the world, and you're supposed to somehow find the best ones. It's fun work, but it's time-consuming — so we at Billboard Dance want to give you a hand. Each week, we sift through the streams and dig in the digital crates to present absolute must-hears from the wide breadth of jams.

This week, we celebrate a re-release of Stardust's French Touch classic "Music Sounds Better With You," but we also welcome Australian future bass pioneer Wave Racer with big applause. The king of sugar pop reclaims his crown with "Auto," his first original release in four years. If his effervescent influence resonates with you, be sure to check out Yung Bae's new LP Bae 5. We're proud to call Yung Bae a Billboard Dance Ones to Watch alumnus, and so is Codes who launches a label today with his Baby EP.

Meanwhile German house duo Booka Shade hit the summer hard with a four-track EP called Understanding, and our lineup finishes with a killer collab from Chris Lake and Lee Foss, as well as a different shade of trance from Ruben de Ronde.

Ain't nothing left to if but to do it. Listen to all six below.

Wave Racer – "Auto"

Wave Racer made a big splash in 2013 with his Future Classic debut "Rock U Tonight / Stoopid." He solidified his cult classicness on 2015's Flash Drive EP, and then, he disappeared. On "Auto," the producer returns in flying neon colors to paint a glitched-out melodic hook in his signature bubble-pop pastel. Meanwhile, the pitched-up and robotized vocals seem to bely frustrations with fame, music industry dealings and the process by which art becomes commodity. Wave Racer makes a cameo in the middle of the lyric video to lay down a funky guitar solo, but it's the emotional and explosive final-minute synth crescendo that pushes this song into seriously exciting territory. We can't wait to see what's next.

Booka Shade – "Understanding"

Everyone likes to talk about their DJ sets as journeys, but on "Understanding," Booka Shade truly transports listeners from a dark, moody low to an impassioned and steamy climax. It's only the first step in a grand, four-track adventure, out now on John Digweed's label Bedrock Music. Classic house soul, eerie night mystery, and the anxious buzz of ecstacic anticipation comingle on this upward-motion release. Step into the EP's titular intro and be sure to catch the rest. 

Chris Lake x Lee Foss – “Lies, Deception, And Fantasy”

We all want to be good. Truly, we do, but being bad is just so easy. We'll sleep when we're dead, and as long as Chris Lake and Lee Foss are making club bangers like "Lies, Deception, And Fantasy," we've no choice but to seek adventure and mischief in the late-night hours. "Lies, Deception, And Fantasy" is the first official collaboration between the two powerhouse producers. It's sleek and sexy with a bumpin' bass line and utterly-up-to-no-good vocal. The roaring synth hook is totally wicked, like an elephant possessed. This is a must-groove for all tech-house freaks on dance floors around the world.

Yung Bae – “Up All Night” Feat. Paper Idol

Portland producer Yung Bae is beloved for his future funk style that set disco strings and retro samples to energized bpms. Bae 5 is full of those technicolor moods, but the album's latest single "Up All Night" featuring French artist Paper Idol is an exploration of more pool-tempo vibes. This is summer-sweet perfection that melts in your heart and not in your hands, but definitely do check out other album cuts "Must Be Love," "Fell In Love" with Party Pupils, and "Bad Boy" with bbno$ and Marchiafava.

Codes – "Baby" feat. Shoshannah

As far as first releases go, "Baby" featuring is a real monster. Right out the gate, it slaps you in the face with weird synth bleeps and a face-crunching bass line. Shoshannah's sinuglar lyric drips with sensual soul, and when the beat finally drops, you're just left there going "what in the actual freak is this?" The EP features a slew of killer remixes from Astronomar, Proper Villains, E.R.N.E.S.T.O., and Ant LaRock, each with their own unique flavor and style. It's the first release from Codes' Holy Mole label. This guac is all kinds of extra.

Ruben de Ronde – “The Hardest Part” Feat. Haliene

Even if you don't think trance is "your thing," we dare you to give "The Hardest Part" a try. It's the first track from de Ronde's new album Different, and "different" is exactly what it is. The first few seconds errupt in glistening '80s synth runs. Haliene's vocals come in classic trance coos, but once the hook drops, the driving '80s rhythm continues throughout, pushing "The Hardest Part" toward a cool new territory of retro dimensions. It's ethereal, it's powerful, it's beautiful and it's most definitely perfect for dancing all night long. Goodbyes might be hard, but letting go to this banger is easy as pie.