New GI Joe Film "Snake Eyes" Announces Start Of Production & Release Date


While there have already been a couple of films released from the GI Joe franchise, it doesn’t mean it’s an end-all for any future films to be created based on the fictional world. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports that Hasbro and Paramount are helming two more GI Joe movies and one is being released October 16th, 2020 dubbed GI Joe: Snake-Eyes.

The script is being helmed by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol). According to the publication, one of the characters to come to life in the film will be Chuckles who first debuted in the franchise back in 1987 – “the character is known for his undercover and infiltration work,” THR states. 

New GI Joe Film "Snake Eyes" Announces Start Of Production & Release Date
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Details on the cast for each film have yet to be released but considering the past star-studded acts to grace the screen – such as Channing Tatum, Ray Park, Dwayne Johnson – we can only expect the same for the upcoming film. 

John Cena recently spoke on the theory that his Bumblebee character Jack Burns may have a cross over in a GI Joe film.

“Whoever is coming up with those theories is my best friend,” he said. “I love the Transformers universe and I love the GI Joe universe. I may or may not have a painting of Cobra Commander action figure in my home. Something I can neither confirm nor deny. ‘If [a crossover] ever happens, that would be special. But if not, it’s a two-story franchise…in this day and age never say never.”