New "Dragon Ball" Merchandise Will Soon Be Flooding Retailers


Adults can still buy action figures and collectibles. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I stare at my collection anime and comic related merchandise. Now that Dragon Ball Super has come to an end, what else is there to do? Playing the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game can help pass the time while we wait for the new Dragon Ball Super movie to launch in December (which will feature a new Saiyan villain). Still, there’s only so much a video game and a new movie can do for fans who have stuck with Goku and his friends for decades. 

As reported by Action Figure Insider, Funimation plans on bringing a mountain new merchandise to fans their top ten highest selling anime properties. Those series include: Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Full Metal Panic!, The Seven Deadly Sins, and others. According to Action Figure Insider, “Funimation has executed 55 agreements with new and renewing licensees across the ten anime properties in a variety categories including collectibles, apparel, toys, games, drinkware, costumes and accessories. Funimation is seeking additional licensees for all ten brands in various different categories; specifically, bath & beauty, collectibles all types, toys, mobile and video games, tabletop games, consumables, and costumes.”

Although Funimation only has licensing rights for these properties, it would make sense for the companies that own the animes to work with Funimation to help rake in tons cash. Toei Animation, which is responsible for Dragon Ball, recently created an entire department dedicated to creating Dragon Ball content, so pushing out as much new merchandise as possible is probably very high on their to-do list. Looks like my collection will be getting much bigger this year.