New "Child’s Play" Trailer Sends Chill Down Spines


Famed voice actor Mark Hamill (Joker in Batman: The Animated Series) revives the demonic Chucky doll in the recently released trailer for Child’s Play. Once again set in a peaceful suburbia, the movie revisits the story of Andy whose life completely changes for the worst following the arrival of a diabolical doll in his home.

The trailer previews the doll’s gruesome torture methods, with the inclusion of the iconic Chucky knife. In this digital age cognizant rendition, however, it seems the doll may be operating via an innovative smart home assistance app “Buddi”. A unique addition which not only sets the film apart from previous takes, but may also frighten current users of smart home bots. The producers behind the project expected to release this summer were also behind the revamp of Stephen King’s IT.

Unlike its predecessors, the facial structure of the Chucky doll appears to be fully revised and modernized. Though glimpses from the trailer do not exactly show the face in full, we can surely expect creepy features capable of giving us all persistent nightmares. Fans of the 30-year old cult classic may look forward to a film unlike any other. The movie will officially be in theatres on June 21st, 2019.