NETSKY Celebrates Republic/Casablanca Signing With 'Tequila Limonada': Exclusive


You look like you're taking life a little too seriously. You need to take a sip this "Téquila Limonada" from your friendly beat-bartender NETSKY and let the tropical rhythm course through your veins. 

Seriously, the Belgian DJ and producer who made a name for himself in the drum & bass world plants his flag in a new Caribbean paradise with this one. Featuring "Love N Hennessey" singer A.CHAL, "'Téquila Limonada" is a sun-kissed dance-pop sensation, but it's got some serious percussive back bone that belies the genre-defying music man's primal roots. It's a fitting style evolution, too, because it marks his first steps with a new family in Republic and Casablanca Records.

“I’ve set some big goals for myself, and I’m excited to now have such an ambitious team behind me to help achieve them," NETSKY says in an emailed statement. "We're kicking f with 'Téquila Limonada,' and I’m so happy to have collaborated with A.Chal on this record. I'm proud to start this new relationship with a song that feels like the beginning a new era for me.”

"'Téquila Limonada" is also the first release from a new collaborative project he calls Palmtrees and Powerlines. What started as a one-f studio session with Norwegian production duo Stargate (Beyonce's "Irreplaceable," Rihanna's "Rude Boy") turned into a six-month engagement, and there's a lot more where this groove came from. 

“Multi-talented DJ/producer Netsky is a true innovator," Stargate's Tor Hermansen says in an emailed statement. “(NETSKY is) always true to himself, never one to copy, steering clear cliches. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Boris both in the studio and on stage where he´s a true force and a real friend. There are big things ahead for NETSKY."

Get your summer swing on with the cool breeze  "'Téquila Limonada," and rest assured NETSKY has another round coming on Republic and Casablanca soon.