Netflix Welcomes "Lucifer" With New Season Teaser


The Devil himself has found a newfound home. After Fox pulled the plug on the cult series Lucifer, which stars Tom Ellis as Beelzebub himself, many fans were quick to lament the loss. Luckily, their satanic prayers were answered, as Netflix arrived to answer the call. Now, with the streaming giant footing the bill for the upcoming season, Elli and fellow cast-mates Lauren German and Inbar Lavi came through with a message for the fans. Now, the new teaser for the Netflix era Lucifer has arrived, promising a tease for events to come.

“We are so excited to bring new episodes to Netflix,” says German, before being interrupted by a robe-clad Tom Ellis. “I don’t know if you can tell but I feel very at home here on Netflix,” he smiles. “I want to personally thank the fans for getting us to the promised land, and I cannot wait for you to see what we’ve been up to this season. We’re just about to shoot a very juice scene where the three of us–” As he’s about to drop the bomb, he gets interrupted by German, eager to spoil any spoiling. 

“We are only here because of you,” reiterates German, addressing the fans who campaigned to save the series. And while nothing appears to be on the verge of changing, Ellis does reveal there may or may not be an increase in brief nudity. Who’s to say, as the devil can do as he pleases, can he not?