Netflix Renews Marvel's "Jessica Jones" For Another Season


Netflix has announced that they will be renewing Jessica Jones for a third season roughly a month after it’s sophomore outing debuted on the streaming service. 

The show’s first season received critical adoration for its fresh tone, engaging leads, and interesting plot. However, critics noted a general decline in quality throughout the beginning the second season, which lead one reviewer to state that the “first five episodes are marked by oppressive dourness, with precious little relief.” Although, as the narrative progressed, the show’s lead Krysten Ritter is said to have engendered a more convincing role as a superhero by the finale. 

Last year, Disney pulled all films that are part the Marvel Cinematic Universe f Netflix, as the company is gearing up to launch a streaming service their own, which will include illustrious titles such as Civil War and Iron Man. However, Netflix will continue to turn out programming based on existing Marvel narratives, including Jessica Jones, as well as its spinf series Luke CageDaredevilIron FistThe Punisher and The Defenders

There’s no word yet on when the third season will premiere.