Netflix Could Be Effecting Couples' Sex Lives According To New Study


New research is suggesting that Netflix and other streaming services could be effecting intimate relations between couples; “Netflix and chill” has now taken on a newer, more literal meaning. 

A study conducted by researchers at Lancaster University reveals how the busiest hour for internet usage ranges between 10-11 PM, which is mainly driven by the omnipotence streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix and iPlayer. 

The investigative report, which pulled information from 400 separate devices, showcases how individuals have prolonged more traditional hours watching television because tablets and other more portable devices. 

The individuals behind the study have noted “to the extent that this traffic is associated with viewing films or programs, it suggests that mobile devices are used to prolong hours ‘TV watching,’ perhaps after the main TV set has been turned f.”

The participants were required to keep a diary in order to track their TV watching habits. As a result, couples may become less interested in sexual activity due to the all-encompassing presence streaming services, which can be enjoyed in more intimate settings than a standard living room. Pr. David Spiegelhalter from the University Cambridge notes how a decline in sex is a direct result “mass connectivity,” a trend that has gained momentum over the past ten years.