NEO 10Y Talks Dual Music Video Release & Being Open About His Sexuality: 'The World Is Becoming Queerer'


Last summer time, NEO 10Y -- the artist alias of multi-hyphenate inventive Nik Thakkar -- launched the politically-charged “Echo Chamber” alongside a graphic visible. Eighteen months later, the artist is unveiling two interconnected tracks, a horny and subversive pop anthem, “Dopamine” and a uncooked guitar monitor, “Poems To F--- To,” together with a two-part visible.

Billboard caught up with Thakkar after his present at Boardner’s, the oldest venue in Hollywood, the place he previewed the tracks and a number of the accompanying art work. The musician talked about his new releases, his obsession with numerology and what it means to be a aware artist.

Billboard: Tell me a bit about “Dopamine” and “Poems To F--- To.” Are they related?

Thakkar: I needed to launch these in basic a-side/b-side format, but in addition I needed each songs to inform the story of one another. “Poems To F--- To” acts as a descriptor for “Dopamine,” [as it’s] a tune you could have intercourse to. “Dopamine” is a tune about discovering your self, your personal happiness and the reality, in order that we are able to collectively, via group consciousness, discover world peace. The "f--- you" in “Poems” is within the course of the powers which might be maintaining the reality and human happiness from us.

From the angle of world peace, the bridge of the tune explains this clearly with, "I'm stuffed with hope and all I'm eager for is peace/ So please give me that my buddy" is the thought of discovering peace inside oneself, in order that we are able to discover peace as a planet, for humanity total.

“Dopamine” has extra of a pop really feel than your earlier tracks. Why have been you drawn towards that sound?

I needed a tune that was relatable on a large stage as a result of the that means is so vital for the tradition. It's a narrative that I feel we are able to all relate to, it's one thing all of us have inside us, in our brains. As you recognize, I'm additionally an enormous fan of pop, and I needed to create one thing that felt unapologetically NEO 10Y, but in addition slaps. People are already making an attempt to Shazam it in strip golf equipment, the place my good buddy and collaborator Sebastian Bartz who produced the ultimate model with me has been enjoying it. Goals.

Some of your lyrics have explicitly queer themes. Is being unapologetic about your sexuality a part of your total message?

I feel being oneself is absolutely vital. I feel it's unhappy and harmful when artists are in denial of who they're. It's additionally not genuine. The world is turning into queerer and I feel we have to present a illustration of position fashions throughout a large intersection.

What does aware artistry imply to you?

There's a proper and improper facet of historical past. There at all times will likely be. In the final two years, a variety of truths have been unveiled. We know the place we stand and we're lastly studying about how you can harness our energy as people to face up for what is true. Being aware is being simply that, a sentient human that has the very best pursuits of society in thoughts and really acts that manner. It means not utilizing weapons in promo photos, or working with alleged intercourse offenders. It means utilizing your proper to vote for the good thing about the broader inhabitants. It means modifying your private consumption habits to turn into fully non-violent in direction of all beings on this planet.

You’re releasing your new music on Oct. 10, or 10/10, which is a superb date for an artist together with your identify. Tell me extra about your relationship with numerology.

Yes! I had time to plan this one. The one and 0 in my identify is rooted in the truth that ten is the one quantity the place each components of the binary code are cohesively collectively demonstrating a way of togetherness, which is integral to my voice, non-binary nature and artistry. The final stability. Complete. Also, my Sanskrit identify is Nikhil which implies "full," so all of it suits collectively actually properly.

Numerology is one thing that I feel everybody can faucet into and a variety of synchronicities are rooted within the geometry of the spirit world. I'm grateful that it performs into my work a lot.

Watch the movies for “Poems To F--- To" and "Dopamine” beneath.